Services I offer

What is available?

Here are the services I can offer. If you require more than one service, then arrangements can be made. Services are charged at £ 50 per hour unless noted otherwise.
  • IT Consultancy. Providing guidance and support to your company and staff when there is a desire to obtain external and objective guidance. I provide impartial and experienced advice on a wide range of technical areas. So whether you seek IT consultancy to aid work efficiency or wish to be kept abreast of the technology out there, please get in touch. £ 90 p/h.
  • IT Support. I offer wide-ranging IT support. This includes supporting hardware, software, networks, peripherals and security packages. So whether you have a fault with your computer that you would like to be analysed and solved, or need a new network to be built, I can help.
  • Web design and hosting. Working with existing webpages or building a new website from scratch, I can help design your website. If you need a place to host your website then I can help with that too. Once your website is up online, I offer advice on how to successfully promote it and raise awareness. If you would like a website that once set up, you can login to and edit via your web browser, I can setup and create a Content Management System (CMS) for you. Some examples of these are called Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress and Plone.
  • Web content editing. If you require new content to be put up on your website or need a hand changing existing web content, then I can help.
  • Brand creation and logo design. Creating a brand for your organisation is key. A brand is your identity so the initial impression needs to sum up what makes your company or organisation unique. I can work from scratch or with existing material to create a brand you and others are happy to be associated with.
  • Media consultancy and design. Offering consultancy for print and rich media mediums. I can consult and advise on new methods of distributing your media and content. So whether you wish to utilise new rich media, the social media or traditional print media, I can help.
Talks & Presentations
  • 'Digital Vision'. Digital Vision shows you the current technology available and future technology. It discusses how the technology can be applied to you, the workplace and society.
    2 hours
    £ 75 per person
  • 'An open alternative'. Showcasing the many useful free software products available.
    2 hours
    £ 50 per person

Private IT\Media tuition
What would you like to learn? If you require IT tuition, please get in touch and I can adapt the tuition to your needs. I offer private tuition at £ 25 p/h

Additional Info: A surcharge may be added to cover the cost of travel.

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